Marie's Favourite 2 [Nell Fee's]

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The second of a set of two polka known at the session as Marie's Favourites. This tune is also more widely known as Nell Fee's It can be heard on Festival CD 2013.


T:Marie's Favourite 2 [Nell Fee's]




D3 B| AF FB | AF DE | FE E2 |  

D3 B| AF FB | AF EF | D2 D2 :|

de/d/ cd/c/| BA FA | de/d/ cd/c/| B2 Bc| 

 de/d/ cd/c/| BA FB| AF EF |D2 D2 :|

d2 e2 | f3 f | ed Bc | d3 B|

Bd/B/ AF | B/c/d/B/ AF | AF EF | D2 D2:|

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