The Hare's Paw

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This was the signature tune used by the Duhallow Ceili Band when they played on Radio Eireann. Many members of the band were regular visitors to the session in the early years. Timmy O'Connor still plays this tune at the session. It can be heard on Festival CD 2013.


T:The Hare's Paw




G3 B A2 GA |BE ~E2 GEDE | G3 B A2 Bd | egfg edBA | 

G3 B A2 GA|BE ~E2 GEDE | G3 B A2 Bd|egfg e2 ef|

g2 fg edBc |d3 d Bdd2  | g2 fg edBd | egfg e2 ef| 

g2 fg edBc |d3 d Bdd2| e2 ef edBd | egfa gedB :| 

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