Festival CD 2013

For the festival in 2013 we decided to release a CD of tunes that are (or were) regulary played at the monday night session.We took inspiration for this project from some of the home recording made by musicians from the area since portable recording devices have become tool in the learning of traditional music. Bringing your recorder to a session can be a good way to remember and learn music but it can have mixed results. Many musicians playing several variations or the speed of the playing may obscure the basic tune. For those reasons recordings of a single musician always yields a better result. The best of these are made in an intimate setting like the players home. These private recordings made for the benefit of a friend or student often end up reaching far larger audiences. A tape made by John Walsh of Derrygallen in the late eighties and others by Maurice O'Keeffe of Kiskeam in the nineties went on to almost have hit album status. 

Strawboys at Culture Night 2013

Many, many thanks to all who helped to make Culture Night 2013 such a great success at Scullys in Newmarket – Bríd for the art and Eileen O Connor Photography for photos, the singers, dancers and musicians, Seán for the recitation, Bríd, Mike and the Strawboys and all who attended the event. Special thanks too to all the patrons who brought food. We had nua gacha bia agus seana gacha dí.


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