Festival CD 2014 is a collection of popular mostly local tunes from the Monday night session played at steady pace. We released a similar CD for the 2013. The ambition is primarly to provide anyone interested in learning the music something they can listen to or play along with. The notation to the tunes on the CD will also be shared here on this website. The inspiration for the project came from the home produced tapes and CDs that are often passed between musicians to share their music.

1. Paddy Cronins (reel)
2. Browne's Favourites (polkas) 
3. Mikey Duggan's / Jim Keeffe's (slides)
5. Off to Toureendarby / The Ideal (barndances)
7. Ned Casey's Hornpipe
8. Deed Connie's Jigs - The Mug of Brown Ale / The Butchers Fancy
10. Connie the Soldier (jig)
11. Ger Dan Mac's Polka
12. Timmy's Waltz